The Perfect Marriage 💜

Is there a such thing as a perfect or fairytale marriage? Well it all depends on ones perspective.

A picture can speak a thousand words “it all depends on how each individual person interprets it”. In this picture you see the smiles, but let me just tell you
Mr Gomes has touched on every nerve that God has literally given me.
Seriously this man get’s on my last dog gone nerves y’all sometimes!!!! And I know for a fact that I’ve tugged on a few of his.
Yet here I am, me and this gorgeous, handsome intelligent stubborn man, yes we have definitely had our ups and downs. We fight better than anyone I know because we’re both stubborn especially when we are passionate about what ever subjects at hand.

There are so many times we both just wanted to throw in the towel, But I’m so glad that we didn’t.
This marriage union has withstood so much, when Brandon and I started dating we were both babies just 14 and 15 year old high school sweethearts, my goodness that’s such a long time! I’ve given this guy right here almost 3 decades of my life 25 years to be exact.

Brandon and I had to learn how to grow together, as we learned how to deal with individual change, and get this “we are still learning” this will never change!
My husband and I have dealt with infidelity, hurtful words, family secrets, addictions, the loss of friends and family members close to us, parent illnesses, and the lost of a child! All these things challenged and changed us tremendously, we had so many reasons to call it quits and give up.

However it was these challenging times that added worth to our marriage it has become like refined gold. Its also in these times that I’ve learned what Gods purpose for a marriage even was! Our marriages your’s and mines are supposed to represent Christ’s Love for the church Ephesians 5:22-32

This man right here takes care of me when I’m sick and let me just say to those of you who think that I am so strong, that goes completely out the window when I am not feeling well. He will work his hands to the bone any job to provide for me his girl,(yes I’m still his girl) his wife and his girls, his beautiful daughters, Brandon may fight me on many of things but out of his love for me will still do what I ask of him and I will absolutely do the same, this man thinks I’m absolutely beautiful with my crazy natural hair with no make up, in my sweats and t shirt now that’s love.

And please don’t mess with me, his daughter’s, mother, or sisters because this man is highly protective of the women in his life! HIGHLY!!!!!!! This man love’s and loves hard its why he is so protective because he really does care deeply for those he loves. No he is not perfect neither of us are, however he is perfect for me and one of the best dads I know.

Most women go around saying they are looking for their Boaz But I never needed a Boaz what I needed was Brandon we may not be as young as we once were and he may drive me nuts with his stubbornness but I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I couldn’t picture going through all the ups and downs in my life with anyone else and this my friend is what a fair tale marriage really is, it can withstand the hard times with love forgiveness and be bigger and better as time goes on.

Many ask me whats the key? And many have prayed for us during the really hard times (which I want to say its extremely important to have prayer warriors that you each can trust). A success marriage really starts with a foundation built on Christ. And the willingness to hang in there in the really hard times not expecting perfection from one another, giving one another room to grow individually and well as a couple because we do change over time. Its remembering to be mindful of the little things like a simple laugh together, cooking dinner together, saying thankful for the small things like when your man opens the door or your wife fixes you a plate do we still argue? Absolutely! Disagree? You bet! but that’s the beauty in it all.

God didn’t give me what I Wanted he gave me what I needed and that means someone who will not just tell me what I want to hear but what I need to hear who loves me despite my flaws.

Brandon I still get butterfly’s when I hear your name, I still miss you when you are away, thank you for loving me even when I haven’t been so nice at times and growing with me understanding that I am not perfect. Thank you for going half on these beautiful God given daughters of ours. thank you for giving me the fairy tale marriage I’ve always hoped for I Love You your wife!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Marriage 💜”

  1. Bobby T. Roberts

    I honestly feel that if we’re not getting on our spouse’s nerves from time to time then we’re obviously doing something wrong. We can serve as both our spouse’s best friend as well as their arch rival at times but we also have to remember that God brought us together for a reason and we can’t let that fire burn out. “What God has joined let NO man (or woman, or thing) separate”…There’s no issue that the Lord can’t fix, we just have to be open to being humbled in our circumstances while also remaining steadfast in seeking Him (God) out in prayer on the daily.

  2. Nice friend I love how you kept it real marriage is exhausting at times but beautiful the next and definitely worth it. God bless

    1. It definitely is alot of work but anything worth having is. 💜🙏🏾 Thank you for your real response sis. Our marriages are blessings🦋

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