Love You Today

Just a reminder to love yourself today! Sometimes we have to just disconnect from the world to focus on self health..

Yes Life can be hard sometimes but sometimes we have to take make the time to care for our personal well being. It’s ok to not talk sometimes and go to your quiet place to regroup! It’s ok to say NO! to extra tasked being placed on you! That jeopardizes the peace that God promises you.

Recently I spoke with a young man who impacted my life. He Express to me that he tried to commit suicide. Now me being me, asked him why? (I assured him that my asking was coming from a place of sincerity) this young man with his loving heart said Andrea I cant handle the pressure my family has been placing on me.

My grandmother is sick and being the only man in my family it is me being held responsible in regards to her care and no one is helping me, it’s just so overwhelming he added.(might I add he is a very young man) I responded by saying what does your family think about your way of handling this stress placed upon you?

His response broke my heart. He said they tell me it’s all in my head. My Response to his heartfelt answer was, but not everyone can handle what another person can so how do they know what’s to hard for you. I know of people who have taken there life off of losing a child they just couldn’t bare the pain.

The pain of losing a child is enough to make anyone not want to live anymore I know because I didn’t. That could had easily been me I could have taken my life. The biggest misconception is my strength. I’m honest in expressing that what people see in me is Gods love for me. Not everyone can handle the things I’ve had to endure with Yahweh’s help despite the down play of my feelings.

Just like this young man I to have been told what I was dealing with wasn’t hard! or how strong I am. Well none of what I’ve been through in the last 4 almost 5 years has been anywhere near easy. This mentality has got to stop! Assuming what a person can and cannot deal with based off ones own experiences of how one sees fit to deal with how they may handle a trying situation is not ok.

Loving yourself is knowing when to say no! Its understanding despite what others may say, that something is just to much for you handle! And drawing a line and being ok with that boundary.

Loving yourself is taking time for self care when your overwhelmed despite how others feel. There is only one YOU! This world cant get another you! So WE! Have to take care of us before we can do anything for anyone else!

Loving you and leaning into Yeshua’s love and Yahweh’s peace is essential to your well being without it you will become burden down and not want to live anymore.

Please hear me out Loving yourself is vital! Letting God be your refuge is essential to life.

Please don’t over look the importance of these two it could very well be the difference between life and death!!

Here is another side note:

Sometimes all a person needs is a shoulder not advice! Sometimes all a person needs is to know they are loved not an option!


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