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Welcome to the Butterfly Cycles Of Faith Website! Let me start by saying how excited I am that you are here. 2nd let me explain what the BCOF (Butterfly Cycles Of Faith) Movement represents. The BCOF family, represents first and foremost trust in the Lord (Elohim) and His plans for our life. We believe wholeheartedly, DESPITE! What the enemy may try to show and tell us or whatever trials and tribulations we may be facing in lives, that God IS! in full control of not some situations but ALL Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 46:1 and understand that God can bring beauty out of any hurt or pain we may face, fully knowing and believing Romans 8:28 The BCOF Family also represents, Faith Transformation Strength Love & Kindness and last but not least we represent a life that we fearlessly walk out as we believe in God's word and the promises he has for us as well as our families!! As the CEO and Author of The Butterfly Cycles OF Faith I've learned how to exercise each of these, as I've myself and family has weathered many of life's most challenging storms that has left me asking God Why? I go into more detail about this in my Newly released book, The Butterfly Cycles of Faith. On this site you will find anything from Cooking Recipes, Family life, marriage topics, parenting discussions, to dealing with the Loss of a child, book signings, meet and greet locations and so much more. What ever it is that you are going through or season you are in, I pray that you know that God loves you and He is such a faithful Father, restoring our joy and peace as we rest in his loving presence. Go to about me to read a little more about my testimony. This is our story, we would love to hear many of yours, and how God has been there for you, you can share your testimony by going to the share your testimony tab on this site. I may not respond to all but know that I am reading! you never know who your story may help. Please also remember to sign up for our mailing list to stay connected and receive updates by email! Love you all Drea

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The Butterfly Cycles of Faith by Andrea Gomes is a heartfelt book that can speak to many of us and our circumstances in our lives. You can definitely feel Gods presence in this book as your read through the different cycles the butterfly goes through to become this magnificent and beautiful butterfly. It takes you on a journey that many of us go through in life, it may not be exactly the same but similar. The one thing that remains the same is the focus on God. Hes the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!
Mary Grace Hardy
Real, authentic, well written book. Truly a great perspective of how one can view difficult situations that happen in our lives. I am 100% inspired by your faith in God.
Demetrius Earthly
Inspiring!!! A moving walk through the Authors powerful and personal testimony surrounding the power of God in preparation for, the journey through, and at last finding meaning of a tragic loss of a child.
Myisha Williams
President Of MYS LLC